Hi! I am SO EXCITED to share my new blog with you! After one incredibly frustrating day of attempting to design my own blog, a perfectly-time Facebook post from A Little Peace of Africa Designs led to me taking over this one. Don't you love it when things just all work out?! I couldn't be happier with this blog design, and definitely recommend checking out Laine's work if you are interested in getting your own blog, or blog spruce-up.
The only downside was that I had already used the blog URL that I wanted. According to Blogger, even once you delete a blog, you can't reuse its URL for 90 days, in case you decide you want to un-delete it. So, my first two blog posts are lost somewhere in cyber space, but I will either repost them soon, or just get started on some new ones. I have lots of things I want to share! So many ideas, so little time... :)

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