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Spring has finally arrived here in NS, and it is WONDERFUL. The first few weeks of spring are always a big adjustment for me, as I emerge from hibernation and spend as many waking minutes as possible outside and rework my school-life balance. I’m not sure if I become a better or a worse teacher at this time of year... I spend much less time doing teacher-y things and become one of those teachers who busts out of school at 3:30, but on the other hand, I am on top of the world and in a great mood all the time, and can easily keep up with my energetic students! The sunshine also gets me up and at school earlier in the morning, so I am sure it all balances out ;)
However! This gorgeous weather coupled with a lack of working Internet chez moi have resulted in a huge amount of slack on the blog and TpT fronts. Sorry!! I actually have a couple of things ready to be uploaded (including May + the growing bundle for first grade math journals), but my Internet is in no way permitting me to put them up. I am currently waiting very (im)patiently for pictures to add to this blog post to download... it has been 30 minutes and they are 3% done. Cons of living in the woods! I am heading to Halifax for the weekend, though, so will have Internet fast enough to handle it all very soon. :)
Here are a few things I have been doing instead of working constantly now that hibernation is over!

-       Running. I am a total seasonal runner. I LOVE LOVE LOVE running, but only in certain conditions. I love to run in the woods (NOT on the street, unless it is during a race), and generally only in Spring and Summer. I do not like running when I have to wear more clothing than a long-sleeve running shirt and tights – the warmer the weather, the better! I would run naked if I could, haha. I happily run in the rain, fog, sunshine, thunderstorms, etc., but it needs to be warm! All the snow we got this winter has really been cramping my style – even when the temperatures started getting nice, all of my favorite running paths in the woods were (and are) still snow-covered. However, this week I found a solution – I live in the woods on a dirt road, so that is where I have been running. Duh! It is pretty hilly, but that’s good for me, right?! It is super weird to be out in shorts and a tank top sweating in the sunshine with snow everywhere I look, but it is what it is! It blows my mind that when I started running years ago, 2 minutes straight was a struggle. Now, I don’t run all winter but can just jump back in to 30 minutes straight no problem. I swear running is 95% mental!
-       Hockey. Last week, I played six hockey games (two ball hockey, four ice hockey) over four days. It was incredible. We travelled for an ice hockey tournament and it was really fun to get away and stay in a hotel with my teammates. I had broken my foot midway through the season and was out for 8 weeks, which was pure torture. It felt SO good to finally be back. And I won a player of the game award, woo! Haha, it’s silly how pumped I still get about things like that... but I do!

Check out those new team hats! haha

-       Yoga. Gotta stretch it out after all the exercise ;) I am yoga-picky like I am running-picky, and only like BodyFlow classes at Goodlife. My town doesn’t have a Goodlife, but I managed to get a couple classes in last week in Halifax. So good!
-       Cooking. Spring makes me want to eat all of the fruit and vegetables. I have been going smoothie and salad crazy. I also made the greatest black bean sweet potato burritos this week and my lunch box game has never been so strong! Mashed sweet potatoes, a can of black beans, some random spices and cheese stuffed in a wrap and baked for 10 minutes. Easy and delicious!
-       Reading. Something I never have time for!
-       Watching millions of episodes of That 70’s Show on Netflix at Ben's house. Hilarious!
-       Ice cream. My favorite ice cream store is open for the season! So of course I have gone twice in the past week. That’s why I run, right?! (kidding!)
-       Dinosaurs. All of the dinosaurs! My class is still obsessed, and I have been snapping pictures like crazy. I promise a full-fledged dino update soon! Here is a picture of a diplodocus painting from one of my grade ones. He's an artist! I found the lesson on Pinterest, HERE, but if you try to open the Pin, it says the page cannot be found. So I just used the directions right on the Pin (Side note - my students are now convinced I can teach them to draw ANYTHING and ask me to do directed drawing lessons on a whole host of things I don't know how to draw. We made some very interesting vipers today (our school mascot)... but as long as they're happy, right? haha).

I am in Halifax to work on curriculum again next week, so hopefully by the time I am back, the work half of work-life balance will be back on track. Honestly, though, I don’t feel too badly – strong mental health is a crucial aspect of being a good teacher. When I am feeling motivated, I allow myself to work hard, but I always try to listen to my brain and when it asks for a little break, I give it one. It is so easy to get caught up in teaching and work, work, work. It is for sure the kind of career where there is ALWAYS something else to get done. What do you do to make sure that you aren’t neglecting your mental and physical health?

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