Peek at my week - Dinosaurs!

I am so excited to be back in the classroom this week. The committee work was excellent, and gave me a nice break, but... it made me realize that the classroom is really where I love to be. I am loving the work we did and really enjoyed myself, but I don't think that I could work on curriculum full-time and not be in the classroom!

I am linking up with Deedee Wills from Mrs Wills' Kindergarten to show you a peek at my week:

This week (which is only a 3 day week for my kiddos!) and next we will be learning lots about dinosaurs, in order to answer these 3 big questions:

1. Comment est-ce que les différents outils peuvent nous aider à...
  • Faire des découvertes
  • Résoudre les problèmes
  • Changer l'apparence/la texture des substances?
2.  Comment est-ce que les qualités et les traits physiques (y compris les parties du corps/leur développement) affectent le comportement et les habilitiés des êtres vivants?

3. Comment est-ce qu'on peut utiliser l'évidence des textes afin de déterminer si un dinosaure ferait un bon animal de compagnie ou pas?

This week, we are focusing on the first question, next week the second, and we will be looking for evidence to help us answer our third question during both weeks. These 3 questions actually cover a lot of outcomes! I like teaching this way, through essential questions, because it is easy to combine outcomes from both grades, and evaluate each student based on what they need to know for their grade level, while we all participate in the same activities as much as possible. Also, it helps us all keep in mind what we are trying to learn and figure out. Even though I have a combined class, I think that teaching to everyone at the same time is very important and more effective than giving one grade a task to work on quietly while I teach the other grade. Just my personal preference!

Through these questions, I can evaluate a whole bunch of Science and Health outcomes - asking questions, using and exploring tools in a safe way, working well in a team, using tools to change/alter the appearance or texture of substances, using tools to solve problems, naming parts of the body (interior for grade one, exterior for primary), recognizing qualities and physical traits, etc. - and we will be practicing a million and one literacy outcomes all week long. We will be making inferences, activating our schema, finding essential points, comparing texts, showing our understanding of texts in different ways, answering questions, etc. We will also be learning what a timeline is, looking at a timeline of when the dinosaurs lived, and making timelines of our own lives (a grade one Health outcome), which will in turn show us how our bodies have changed as we have gotten older (a grade primary Health outcome). I chose dinosaurs as a theme to help us work through these essential questions, because my class LOVES dinosaurs. I like to choose topics based on what my students are interested in, and then figure out a way to work our outcomes into them. Engagement is the name of the game!

I plan on compiling all our activities into a Teachers Pay Teachers unit, but since I haven't tested them out yet I am going to wait until the trial run is over. So stay tuned for a Friday post to see how week one of dino fun goes!

Hope you had a fantastic Easter... this is what mine currently looks like! ;)

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