TpT Seller Challenge - Makeover Madness!

Happy almost-summer-vacation! I have exactly two weeks until report card day, phew! If you are already finished... I am super jealous and don't want to hear about it ;) Actually, in all honesty, I had a great year and will be pretty sad to see my kiddos go. They have come SO FAR in the past 10 months and I am immensely proud of them!

You may or may not have heard, but four fabulous ladies  (Sparkling in SecondThird in HollywoodPeppy Zesty Teacherista, and Teach Create Motivate) have started a Teachers Pay Teachers Seller Challenge to help kick off summer. I am knee-deep into report cards right now, but a challenge like this is the exact kick in the pants I need, so I will be participating anyway! I need breaks, right?? ;)
For Makeover Madness, we were encouraged to choose a product and "makeover" its cover page and/or content. I have quite a few cover pages that I should probably update (*cough* Dessin dirigé *cough*), BUT I don't have the Powerpoint files of my oldest projects on my new computer yet (I can't lie - I got bored of transferring everything over pretty quickly). However, I have recently been trying to have a more uniform look for my Collection Mur de mots products ever since I bundled them. I have also been (slowly) going back through them to add a girl/boy symbol to each card by request, to encourage students to choose the appropriate article based on the gender of the word and WHAT MAKES SENSE (students copying the article and writing sentences like "j'aime ma la maman" is a big pet peeve of mine and another post for another day!). I also changed up the way I do my Droits d'auteur/credits page that is more streamlined and that I like much better. My farm product needed some definite TLC to fit these criteria!
I didn't end up making a whole lot of changes to this product, but I think it is definitely less "busy" now! I really liked the farm background and wanted to keep it, despite my other Collection Mur de mots products having generally solid backgrounds. I added the same type of frame that I use on most of my other ones and changed the font to make it more clear and readable. The frame and font both help it have the same look and feel as my other products. I took out and/or moved around a bunch of clipart images - less is more! I also adjusted my credits page to include Terms of Use and make it look more "official". It's important to me that purchasers realize that Terms of Use are serious business! I also think that the fewer "intro" slides, the more likely someone is to actually read them. I added the girl/boy symbols, too - so if you have already purchased this product, you can download the update for free! 

Overall, I'm happy! I still have a couple of Collection Mur de mots products to revamp this week. Once the individual ones are all finished, I will be adding them to the bundle - it takes my slow internet a LONG time to upload the whole collection at once! As part of the challenge, all of the products I update will be on SALE for the 4 days after they are updated (the Bundle as well!). À la ferme is the only one ready right now, so click on the picture below to go check it out!


  1. I love the new font on the cover. Also, it's amazing how much that red frame makes the whole cover just POP!

  2. I love the makeover! It looks awesome, I'm definitely drawn to the title now with the white space around! Best of luck with the challenges! And good luck finishing up report cards.

  3. I agree about the importance of a good TOS and the fonts you used on the cover pop for sure now, great job!

  4. I agree about the importance of a good TOS and the fonts you used on the cover pop for sure now, great job!

  5. I agree about the importance of a good TOS and the fonts you used on the cover pop for sure now, great job!

  6. The new version looks great. I agree about the white makes the title easier to read (althogh I don't speak a lick of French). Your blog is awesome. I looked around and love the beach pictures of Nova Scotia!!

    1. Thanks!! NS just has to be one of the most beautiful places on the planet, I'm sure of it! :)
      Thanks for stopping by!

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