Five for Friday - July 3

I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday! On a Saturday. Because my Friday was too busy to write a post! Five for Friday is a linky party for teachers, where you post 5 random things about your day/past week on your blog. You can check out all of the teachers who linked up back at Doodle Bugs Teaching's post.
 I had the best day today! I used to nanny for a family of three (now FOUR!) girls in the summer. I'm pretty convinced that they are the greatest girls in the entire universe, and even though I rarely babysit them now, I love spending time with them and we make sure to plan some day trips every summer. Now that I am in my own house, the three big girls have come to stay for two nights, without their parents! It's a big deal ;) They live an hour and a half away from me now, so I had a great time yesterday showing them the sights of my town!

We started our day with Minion cereal. They aren't usually allowed to have sugary cereal, but this was a special morning! I don't really like cereal or banana flavoured things, so I didn't try any, but... my other half and the girls all swear it's delicious. I'll take their word for it!

We have a nest with eggs at our house! It's under our front porch. We have been using the side door since we found it, but when the girls were here, we had a visitor who came to the front door. They spooked the parents, who flew away, so we took advantage and I let the girls peek through the boards to see the eggs. I am really hoping that the birds don't get too spooked with all the coming and going that is vacation, and stick around until the eggs hatch.

We hit up the beach, of course! It was a gorgeous day and the girls had a blast. We dug in the sand, built castles, swam in the waves, and Tess caught as many of those little bug things that zip through the salt water and burrow into the sand as she could haha. She is bug-obsessed... the slimier, the better!

I also found a mermaid. :)

After the beach, we went to a little park by the river. There were some lawn games and a parachute for the kids to play with. Perfect scenery and a perfect temperature!

We finished off our day with Fresh Air Films. Every Friday evening of the summer, my town puts on a free movie outside in the park at dusk. This week, the movie was Back to the Future. I somehow have lived almost 26 years and hadn't seen it yet! The movie didn't start until after 9, so we didn't get to stay to see the end, but I definitely want to see the rest of it.

All in all, it was a PERFECT first Friday of summer vacation! Check out my Instagram for more pictures of our adventures :)

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