TpT Seller Challenge - Week 3

Hi! I am a little late posting about Week 3 of the #TpTSellerchallenge, because I was away all last week. Not in Vegas (sadly!), but at White Point Beach Resort for a summer institute. 20 or so teachers from my board were working on evaluation rubrics for French language arts - so if you teach with the CSAP, look for them in your Google Docs in the fall! They are definitely going to make evaluation much easier. It was a great experience and a LOT of fun. Although, I am still full from all of the free food ;)

Week 3 of the challenge was Make Your Masterpiece. We were asked to make a brand-new product for our store. I made something that I really needed for September - a visual schedule with subject names en français! I actually ended up making 3 versions of it, because I couldn't decide how I wanted it to look. Big thanks to Linda from The French Purple Teacher for looking over my final product and suggesting some subjects I didn't think of!

Last year, my visual schedule was kind of a pain in my you-know-what! I am TOTALLY on board with visual schedules and think they are super important, but my system last year was not working for me. I had a few problems :
- a huge lack of bulletin board/white board space to put it on
- too wide for where I wanted to put it on the wall
- very specific subjects/activities, so I had to change it out almost daily, despite our consistent routine
- the tape would NOT STICK and so our visual schedule pieces fell down all. the. time!
- handwritten subject names and boring clip art, or clip art that wasn't necessarily relevant to our class and what we learn

Guess how many times we used a calculator in math last year? Yeah. Zero! But we use pattern blocks, dice, and Unifix cubes almost daily!

I always put my Mur de mots on my big white board, because it is important to me that my students can grab the words they need. I want my word wall to be interactive and I want my kinders USING it! However, that leaves me with a tiny space left over, which is usually covered by our poem of the week. That's fine as far as white board space goes, because I teach almost everything at the carpet using my easel, but last year, it didn't leave enough space for my visual schedule. So, I ended up putting my visual schedule on my tall cupboard door. It sucked!!!! I couldn't find tape that I could reposition and that would stick, and pieces were always falling down. I had to change the order all the time, and the pieces were too wide to have two columns if we had a busy day. Also, the way I had stapled the images to the sides of the sentence strips was not really long-lasting, and many of the images got pulled off. Can you tell that I made that visual schedule before I started selling on TpT, and was exposed to beautiful fonts and clip art???

Here is the visual schedule that I chose to use next year, after lots of contemplation!
Confession time: normally, I HATE cutting out circles and don't buy any products that involve cutting out a bunch of circles. Give me straight edges that my paper cutter can cut, please and thank you! But... circles are much less wide than rectangles, and you can still fit the title and image in comfortably. I wanted a space-saving option, but didn't want to compromise font size and clarity. It's important to me to expose my kinders to as much text as possible - especially text that is accompanied by an image that they can "read" themselves. Autonomy all the way! Now, these circles are still big, and I don't think that I would be able to fit our whole day in one column on a bulletin board, for example. However, I have some wall space by my classroom door that was too narrow for last year's version, but will be perfect for this year's.

All of the visual schedule packs above contain 48 different pieces! I tried to think of every possible name for every possible subject that an elementary teacher could need :) Each page contains only one piece, which is one of my favorite things about this product! I am super cheap, and my school doesn't have a colour printer/I don't get an ink budget. It breaks my heart any time I have to print things (especially in color!) that I don't need. By putting one subject per page, I got to only print out the visual schedule pieces that my class will use! For a full list of included subjects/activities, just click on any of the pictures to be taken to the product description on Teachers pay Teachers.
Not quite 48... although still lots! :)
I have laminated all our pieces, and figured out a general template of how our day will run. I LOVE routine!!!! I am not allowed to stick velcro to my cupboards, but I can put it on the concrete wall. So, I plan to attach them to the wall via velcro, which will both keep them from falling down all year long, and make them easy to change in and out depending on our needs and activities! I will only need about 12 of the above per regular day, but printed out any of the options I can see my class needing throughout the year. And you know what??? Cutting out the circles wasn't THAT bad... definitely worth it!

All three versions of my masterpiece will be 20% off until Monday! Click the picture below to see the same visual schedule I am using this year in my TpT store:

In case you are like me and hate cutting out circles, but also have more space than me, I did make a rectangular version with all the same subjects and activities. Check it out by clicking below:

I also made one more version, and it is my FAVORITE. Once I win the lottery and/or get an ink budget, I will so be switching over to this one! I just LOVE the brightly coloured neon backgrounds!! Click the picture below to see it in my store:

Let me know in the comments section which is your favorite!

If you want to see the other Masterpieces that were made all throughout this week and last, check out the link up on any of the blogs below!
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  1. Hi Andrea! I love your new visual schedule signs!! They are simple but super cute! And I just read your about me section. Nova Scotia looks beautiful! We are going to visit P.E.I this summer for a week! I've never been out East so I'm super excited :) It's hard to find other Canadian bloggers so I'm glad I found you! ;)

    A Pinch of Kinder

    1. Thanks!! Nova Scotia is super gorgeous - you should definitely come check it out sometime! PEI is beautiful, too, and there are lots of fun things to do there :) You should definitely get ice cream from Cows! And if you are in Charlottetown, Fishbones has good seafood.
      Yay for Canadian bloggers! :)


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