5 Fun Facts about me!

Hi everyone!
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Today is Monday, so here come 5 fun facts about me!

1. If you have read my About Me page, you already know this one - I LOVE hockey! I play both ice hockey and ball hockey, and I play as much as I can. I am pretty convinced that there is nothing else to do that is as fun as playing hockey! I am on a female ice hockey team (Liverpool Lady Cougars), but also play coed pick-up when I can, and coed ball hockey. I drive 30 minutes to get on the ice, and an hour for ball hockey!!

Ball hockey trophy winners!
Another trophy-winning team!
Just as much fun on a pond!

2. I went to Mount Saint Vincent University for my BA, and to Université Sainte-Anne for my BEd. I did it in 5 years instead of 6, because I was so excited to start teaching! I LOVED my time at MSVU and made a lot of great friends, but I did my BEd through distance, and it was kind of lonely haha. But I didn't want to leave Halifax to go to Pointe de l'Église at the time. I don't have any regrets, but if I could change one thing in my life, that's what I would change - I think I would have had a LOT more fun living on campus!

3. I bought a house this summer! I actually still haven't taken any pictures, but I am loving it so far! Funnily enough, I ended up buying in the same neighbourhood I grew up in - just two houses over! My neighbours on one side are the same as when I was younger. My favourite guy moved in with me, and seeing him every day is the absolute best. We also got a cat, who is hilarious and awesome!

She looks awfully innocent when she is sleeping...
4. I teach with my best friend!! We have lived in the same neighbourhood since we were 4 years old (and do now again haha), and have been best friends all that time. I can't even tell you how amazing it is to have your best friend as a colleague! My first class that I had in kindergarten ended up being her first class in grade 1, and last year when I had a combined class we were even teaching the same grade. This year, she has moved out of her classroom that was waaaayyy down the hallway to teach literacy and francisation to kids who are struggling, and her office is RIGHT ACROSS THE HALL from my room! When I yell her name, she can hear me! I am so excited!!!
Us on my birthday last year
5. I want a stand-up paddle board SO. BADLY. But I was a good girl this summer and didn't spend 1000$ on one after just purchasing a house hahaha. But OH do I want one!!! My goal is to save up all year and get one for next summer... we live about 500m from the lake and our lovely neighbourhood has private access for its residents and I am already dreaming of next summer when I can paddle all over the lake whenever I want!!!
Paddle boarding with some fellow teachers at White Point this summer :)
Bonus fact - I am going to Cuba for the first time this November!!! One of my longtime friends is getting married and I am so excited! I have never been to a resort, or even very far south - I went to Florida once with my friend and her family, but that's it!

Have a great week!!!


  1. Oh my gosh!! That's so much fun you get to teach with your best friend!!! And all the sports pics are so cool!!

  2. Un de mes rêves est d'enseigner en team teaching avec une mes amies! Le team teaching étant rare dans ma commission scolaire, mes rêves sont à l'eau.

    1. Tu pourrais venir ici! Le team teaching se fait en masse, surtout à Halifax :)

    2. Ça ferait loin pour déménager toute la petite famille. ;) Mais j'aurais peut-être plus de chance pour avoir du travail...

    3. Mon école a embauché 7 nouveaux enseignants cette année... 4 à l'élémentaire et 3 au secondaire! C'est une école M à 12 avec une seule classe de chaque niveau sauf 2 classes de maternelle et de 2e année. On grandit, mais le conseil scolaire francophone a souvent de la misère à trouver des enseignants qualifiés qui ont déjà de l'expérience. Penses-y ;)

    4. C'est tentant mais il faut rester dans notre patelin.


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