Five for Friday - Aug 7

I am linking up again with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday! I had a very busy and fantastic week :)

Yesterday, I had one of the BEST days of my summer so far. I got to go hiking at my most favourite place (Duncan's Cove) with one of my best friends. Isn't is awesome to have friends who are teachers too and are also on summer vacation?!
No filters here, guys. This is just what it looks like where I live! This place is only 20ish minutes from Halifax - how many capital cities can boast that?! The views are INCREDIBLE during the entire hike (2.5-3 hours), it was a gorgeously sunny day, and we even saw a bunch of SEALS just chilling in one of the coves. Amazing!!! After our hike, I capped off my day with dinner with my mama and two games of ball hockey. All of my favourite things wrapped up into one perfect day! I am a little tired today, though ;)

That was actually my second hike this week! I. Love. Summer! On Monday, my other half & I did another great hike - Gaff Point. Gaff Point starts with a 1km walk on a gorgeous beach, and then is another 4ish km in the woods and along the ocean. It was lovely (although a little less challenging and a tiny bit less spectacular than Duncan's Cove), and I got to go for a dip in the chilly Atlantic afterwards to cool off!
I am actually not sure why everyone doesn't just move to Nova Scotia!

My new books came! I ordered 3 books from Indigo and 1 book from Amazon last week for my classroom that I have been coveting for a long time. Amazon is weird sometimes, and many of these books had been listed at over 300$ for awhile! Anyways, I kept checking back and I am so excited to finally own these!

I am so excited to use these books to teach some great reading strategies! Pancakes for Breakfast is a wordless story that any of my students will be able to read from the pictures. The other three are some of my all-time favourite stories - Un bon point pour Zoé especially!

I made a new Freebie this week! Everything you need to make a Daily Focus Wall in your classroom, with a cute Chalkboard theme. If you're a subscriber, it's in the "Organisation" section of my FREE French Resource Library. If you're not... no problem! Just click the button below to subscribe, and I will email you the password!

Focus walls are a great way to show your students and any classroom visitors your class goals, objectives, and what you are working on!

Finally, as you may have seen on Facebook yesterday, I updated one of my favourite products this week! Dessin dirigé - Directed drawing for the French alphabet got a pretty big facelift. New cover page, new borders and fonts on the worksheets, and now every image that the kiddos draw corresponds with my Alphabet posters and flashcards, and my Alphabet play dough cards. Check it out by clicking the picture below, or go download the revisions for free if you have already purchased it!

Next week I am spending the week nannying my four favourite girls, and then there are only two weeks left until back to school! Eek!

Enjoy your week! :)


  1. You hike in some beautiful spots! Nova Scotia looks amazing! I'll have to try to visit there sometime. I only have a couple of weeks left before school starts too. I hope you have a wonderful school year.

    1. It is so, so beautiful!! You should definitely try and visit here sometime :)

  2. The first place is so wonderful! I love this kind of view! :)

    1. It's incredible!! I couldn't even get a picture that showed how beautiful it really is :)