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It's the most wonderful time of the year, guys!! TPT is throwing it's back to school site-wide sale Aug 3 & 4th - that's only two days away!!

On Monday and Tuesday, my whole store will be 20% off, and when you use TPT's promo code (BTS15), you will save a grand total of 28%! I can't lie, my wish list is SUPER long this time - there are a lot of things I have my eye on!

To celebrate the big sale, I am linking up with Speech Room News' Whats In Your Cart? Linky Party. It's a chance for me to share what I am planning to purchase during the sale, and also show you 3 things that you may be interested in from my own store. I do have more things that I plan on posting before the sale starts, but I have been really sick the last few days! I am hoping to finish them between naps, and if I do, I will make another post before the sale to show you my nouveautés :)

Okay, so! From my shop, you should check out....

1. Youpi!

I have 12 Youpi! games currently in my store, or if you love them and want enough for the whole year, you can check out the bundle and get the equivalent of 3 games free!

All of these games are included in the bundle - L'école is shown in the photos below
I recently updated all of the games, and made them more printer-friendly with smaller cards. Youpi! is a really fun way that students can practice saying letter names out loud and associating upper- and lowercase letters while playing with a friend. Each set comes with two "I Can" cards as well as enough cards to make two decks.

Each partner draws 5 apple cards (lowercase cards) and places them face up in front of them. The monkey cards (uppercase cards) can be put in a container or just lay face down between the partners. One at a time, students draw a card and say the letter name out loud. If the card matches one of their 5 face-up cards, they yell "Youpi!" and flip the card over. If not, the uppercase card goes in the discard pile and it's the other partner's turn. The first to flip over all 5 cards wins. Super fun game that kids love! We play it all year long, but when I switch up the theme of the game, they get excited and think it's "new" ;).

2. Les cartes de pâte à modeler

This product has been in my store for a couple weeks now - it's still pretty new. But I am really excited to start using it in September! I noticed at orientation last year that quite a few of our new primaries need some big-time fine motor work. These play dough mats will be perfect to help grow their little finger muscles! The cards come in colour or black and white, and include a green starting dot and an image for each letter (that corresponds with the images in my alphabet pack). On my to do list for this weekend is adding an "I Can" card to the pack - I want to use this as a centre, and I find "I Can" cards really help foster student independence! The "I Can" cards will show students step-by-step how to find their play dough, break off a piece, roll it into a snake shape, and cover the letter.

3. Math journals

I have already written a post about my love for math journals, but it is a really good time to purchase the bundles during the sale! September and October are almost ready to go into the bundles, at which time the prices will increase. There is a bundle for primary and a bundle for grade one, and they are growing bundles - they currently include April-June, and September-March will be added throughout the year. Each time another month is added, the price goes up - but if you have already purchased, you get the updates for free! It is hard to find math journal prompts for this age en français, but they are SO valuable!!! I highly suggest reading my post about them so you can see for yourself how quickly and efficiently they allow students to practice concepts taught all year long, as well as work on their problem-solving!

Math journals let kids solve the same problems in different ways! I love share time at the end of math journal period so that they can learn and grow from each other :)

And here are *some* of the things currently on my wish list.

1. Découvrons le monde à travers nos 5 sens!

The 5 senses are our ENTIRE kindergarten Science curriculum. Seriously! That's it. Students need to be able to describe what they observe using their 5 senses. But, I have got to admit, I have never taught 5 senses as well as I know that I SHOULD. It's a lot of prep and a lot of new vocabulary, and I don't feel that I have done as well as I know I can teaching the 5 senses. However, I am sure that this resource will help me a lot this year! It has 140 pages, including posters, centres, word wall words, vocabulary, bingo, and a bunch of worksheets to consolidate what we will be learning through our experiments. I am super excited for this!

2. Reader's Workshop Unit 2 - Powerful Partnerships

Yes, I know this is an English product and I teach at a francophone school. However, I purchased Unit 1 the last TPT sale, and I LOVE IT. I just read the lessons in English to myself and then when I teach them, speak in French. We make the anchor charts together instead of me printing out the English ones (in my opinion, anchor charts should be created with the students anyway, so I don't even feel that it is creating extra work!). But these units seriously teach kinders how to get the most out of Reader's Workshop time. I am a huge fan of the workshop model!!

2. Les Couleurs - French emergent reader bundle

I have a lot of kids starting this year who don't speak French already. The most I have ever had! I am a little bit nervous to think that a third of my class doesn't already speak French! I definitely have to adjust what I will be teaching throughout the beginning of the year, but I don't want my native French speakers to suffer, either. Enter Mme Angel's emergent readers! They are simple and repetitive enough to teach important vocabulary to my new sweeties, yet include a big classroom book as well that I can use to teach important literacy concepts to those who are ready. I pretty much only buy emergent readers that also come with a classroom-sized big book. I print them out and put them on the wall as a wall story. I alternate weekly between a big poem/song of the week, and a wall story. We practice all week long, and those who can either recite the poem without looking or read the wall story with one-to-one word correspondance get entered into a draw. The read and recite in front of the whole class and I am always so proud of them! On Fridays, I draw from the names and the winner gets to take the poem or the wall story home. Many of my students will be taking home Mme Angel's books this year!

If you want to see what other TPTers have in their carts, definitely head over to the link up! Happy shopping!!!


  1. Your resources look fabulous, heading over to your store now to have a proper look around and add to my wish list!

    Teaching Autism

  2. Je vais mettre en ligne dès demain ma publication pour participer au rallye-lien. J'espère que j'ai bien compris...


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