Bonne fête à toi!

Happy Sunday!

Tomorrow, we will be celebrating our first student birthday of the year. Thinking about it this morning... I realized that I didn't have anything ready! I always give my students a little surprise on their birthdays, and we sing to the birthday boy or girl. In previous years, I gave them all one of those neat pencils with four different colours of lead (rainbow pencils, I think they are called?) and a certificate. However, I got them first from a little dollar store that is now out of business, and last year from Target. Neither store is available to me now (still broken hearted about Target's departure from Canada, *sniff*), so this year I had to think of something new. I meant to do it over the summer, but somehow forgot! One emergency trip to Dollarama later, and my birthday gifts are ready! :)

I bought these glow necklaces - two for a dollar is a pretty good deal! I have 16 students, so I bought eight packages.

You could also use pencils or crazy straws if you prefer!

I made a quick little tag to go on each glow stick. They can be found in the "Seasonal/Holidays" section of my FREE French Resource library!

(Don't have access to the library yet? No problem! Just click the button below to subscribe, and I will email you the password!)

I cut them out and punched a hole in either side of the tag.

Then I just attached the tags to the glow necklaces. I decided not to attach the connectors yet, because 1. it was basically impossible to attach them without accidentally cracking the sticks and making them glow prematurely, and 2. because now I can make sure that none of them get lost! I am just going to keep them in a Zip loc bag.

I am currently holding them together with an elastic band. I think I am just going to put them in a vase... or a basket, or maybe even a paper towel roll, haha! My students will pick one on their birthday, write their age when we sing "Quel âge as-tu?", and then they can wear it for the day!

How do you celebrate your students' birthdays?


  1. C'est super beau!! D'habitude je donne des pailles avec un ballon collé en haut!
    Je viens de changer d'école et les enseignantes du même niveau que moi donnent des petits sacs surprises.. bon .. la barre a été levée.. moi aussi j'ai dû acheter des gugusses à insérer dans des petits sacs surprises!!

    Merci pour l'étiquette.. je vais les coller sur mes sacs cette année :)


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