6 uses for colour-coded student clothespins

Do you love washi tape as much as I do?? Use it to easily colour code student clothespins!! There are TONS of ways to use colour-coded clothespins in the French primary classroom - this blog post talks about 6 of them

Any other washi tape addicts out there? You know, the super pretty tape that comes on tiny rolls of gorgeousness and patterns? Two summers ago, I discovered washi tape and fell in LOVE... and bought a ton of it. A ton of it (see photo below of my "at home" collection)! And I wasted lots of time decorating unimportant things (like homework duo tangs for my students, pages in my planner, etc.) and turning them into pretty things. Which is all well and good if you have all the time in the world, but... less good if you don't. If you are like me and bought into the washi tape(affiliate link) craze but are searching for something actually useful to use it for (aside from strictly decoration), or something where the benefits outweigh the time you put into it, this post is for you!

Have you seen any of those pictures on Pinterest floating around about colour-coded clothespins? And how to dye your clothespins using messy, stain-y food colouring and other dyes? Well, I loved the idea of colour-coded clothespins but hated the idea of staining my fingers... enter washi tape!

Here is a peek at what I was doing yesterday afternoon: