What my guided reading block looks like


I have been talking a bit about what guided reading looks like in my classroom lately. Last week on my blog, I talked about how I sort my students into their guided reading groups. But once you have your groups together... what exactly should you be doing with them?!

Guided reading blocks look different in just about every classroom. As always, I feel the secret to success is finding out what works for YOU, in your classroom! On my blog, I love showing you how I do things. But, I don't pretend for a second that I know everything! I only know what works for me - so feel free to give it a try, and adjust as needed for your own students :)

Today, I will share with you what my guided reading block looks like in my classroom, and what general activities I squeeze in with each group during that time.

Looking for ideas for guided reading in your French kindergarten or first grade classroom? Here are some suggestions and ideas of what I do with my groups! (Lecture guidée maternelle)

I do guided reading from about 9:15-10:00am every morning. The rest of my class does centres at the same time, which really keeps me accountable - they LOVE centres and complain big-time if we miss them for anything! I do my best to see three groups per day, which only gives me about 15 minutes per group. However, if we get started late, I sometimes only get to see two groups - especially if they are reading higher-level books that are longer.

Here is our guided reading routine:

Putting my guided reading groups together


I am coming up to the end of our second term, and despite the plethora of snow days, being on work to rule here in Nova Scotia since December, protests and a (one-day) strike, I have been thinking a lot about guided reading lately.

Work to rule means that we do exactly what our contract specifies - no extras!! - and I had to really time-manage and prioritize in order to get all of the important things done.

And to me, guided reading is extremely important.

It is my favourite time of day, and when I see the most progress in my students. It is when I get time to work with them (mostly) undisturbed at an excellent ratio of 2:1 (two of them, one of me). It is when I get to teach them about books, and all of the funny and interesting things inside of them. It is when I get to teach them how to read!

I am currently meeting three groups of students a day, two students to a group. So, I get to read with six students each day. Work to rule meant no assemblies and no PD, so, aside from snow days, I actually got to meet with six students each day, since December 5th! And their progress has been remarkable.

Since guided reading has been such a focus for me lately, and it seems to be something that many teachers are uncomfortable with or not quite sure how to do, I have decided to write a few blog posts about what we do in my classroom - starting with how I put my groups together.

Putting your guided reading groups together is key to successfully teaching your French primary students to read. There are lots of factors to take into account when setting up your groups - check out this blog post for a few ideas!