La formation des lettres avec les élèves de la maternelle

Hi! Long time no blog post! Sorry about that - turns out pregnant Andrea is not my best Andrea ;) So, you may hear from me again soon, you may not - balancing is a struggle right now for me! #realtalk

Since the back to school season is coming sooner rather than later for the rest of you, I wanted to pop in today to talk about something that is a huuuuge focus for me and my students throughout the year. Letter formation!

Letter formation is a HUGE part of kindergarten! We need our students to know their letters and sounds like the backs of their hands if they are going to be successful readers and writers. Check out some of my favourite alphabet activities to do with my French kindergarten students!

As I'm sure you know, learning letters and sounds is a MEGA important part of kindergarten. If our students don't know their letters and their sounds, they probably aren't going to be able to read or write! It is our job to make sure that we build a super solid foundation for our students, so that they end up knowing their letters and sounds like the backs of their hands and can go on to be successful readers and writers.

Many students need a LOT of practice to get their letters down pat, and have a really hard time associating letter names/sounds with their symbol. There are lots of different things that I do with my students to help them master this important skill. Some activities are great to do whole-group, some are better in a small-group setting, and others I have them practice on their own during literacy centres.