8 Produits GRATUITS pour enseigner l'alphabet

I'm sure that we can all agree that learning the alphabet and letter sounds is super important for our Kindergarten students. It can also be confusing for those students who already know them in English, but are now expected to know them en français. Our students need lots of practice and exposure to the French alphabet in lots of different ways - singing their ABCs over and over is not going to cut it!

Alphabet posters and référentiels, anchor words that begin with each letter (that are CONSISTENT among activities, resources, and even grade levels), guided reading games, books, literacy centres, and a variety of activities that reach different learning styles can all help our students master their letters and their sounds.

In this blog post, I will be featuring 8 different FREE resources that you can use to help you with your alphabet instruction at any point in the school year.

Side note - as always, any and all freebies that I have made are available in my Free French Resource Library, if you're a member. If you aren't a member yet, just enter your name & email below, hit the pink button, and I will send you an email right away with the password and access instructions!

1. QU'EST-CE QU'UN(E) DIT? - Maternelle avec Mme Andrea

This guided reading warm up activity is a free download in my TPT store. My students enjoy it because it helps them think about letters making sounds just like animals make sounds - for some reason, that realization can be a game changer for some kids. This warm up activity involves basically no prep - just print it and cut out the cards (I do like to laminate it to use from year to year, but you don't have to).

To play, just place all cards face-down in a pile. Students will draw a card one at a time and they will each make the sound of the letter or animal shown on the card.

Nice and simple!

5 French Freebies for Saint Patrick's Day

I don't know about you, but I am having a hard time believing that Valentine's Day is just two days away... which means that Saint Patrick's Day will be here in another month!

Even though we usually are on March Break during Saint Patrick's Day, I still like to discuss the holiday with my students before the break, and celebrate a bit!

Read on to see my top 5 French Freebies for Saint Patrick's Day!

(If you are looking for more ideas, you can read about some of the other fun activities I do with my students each year in this blog post.)

1. TEN FRAME PUZZLES - La Classe de Madame Angel

These Saint Patrick's Day-themed 10 frames puzzles are perfect to add to our math centres this time of year. They include numbers 1-20, but I just use 1-10 in maternelle. Students match the ten frames to the correct word and symbol. To make them self-correcting, I stick identical stickers on the backs of the pieces that go together.


Peg Swift's products are always beautiful! I like this poster because it discusses traditions (an outcome for maternelle in Nova Scotia), and I really like the section where students fill in why they are chanceux. I usually get my students to discuss and share as a group, and then draw their answers, adding words if they are able.

Valentine's Day Math & Literacy Centres

It's almost Valentine's Day, which means lots of love and hearts in my classroom - and my centres!

I run a literacy centre rotation every day in my classroom, and my students have free choice of math centres at the end of our math block. So, I am always looking for new, fun ideas that incorporate the current seasons and holidays for our centres that are developmentally appropriate, practice key kindergarten skills, AND that are en français.

Read on to see what I will be putting out over the next couple of weeks!


I am just coming back from mat leave, and I am not 100% sure yet where my students are all at because I haven't been teaching and evaluating them all year. I have only been back for a few weeks, so I will be putting out some fairly simple centres that my students can use to practice skills independently. Later on in the year, I will add more games and activities that have more complex instructions and that work on more difficult skills.