Un bricolage facile pour le printemps

Happy Spring!

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed over the years that I LOVE spring art projects!

Last year, all the students at my school performed a spring concert near the end of the year, and we needed some decorations! I left it a little bit last minute, so I needed to come up with something quick and easy... and I wanted something that would use up some of the odds and ends left from other projects and activities.

So, we made these adorable spring birds using paper plates!

(Side note - these would work well for just about any season - just use fall colours in the fall (or black for crows!) and red in the winter for cardinals.)

Un bricolage du printemps facile mais beau pour les élèves de la maternelle - a quick and easy spring art project for kindergarten

Here's how to make them:

Cahier interactif en maternelle? OUI, tu peux!

If you are a maternelle teacher just like me, you may have seen pictures and blog posts and products floating around called "Interactive Notebooks." Interactive notebooks (cahier interactifs) are a super cool tool that your students can use to keep track of what they are learning in an engaging and interesting way.

Students use a notebook or scribbler to keep track of what they learn and any activities they complete pertaining to the topic being taught. They cut out lots of interactive pieces and glue them into the notebook or scribbler.

However, there is one biiiiig drawback for maternelle...

They require a LOT of cutting and a LOT of gluing!!

They are often complicated and the amount of prep (read: cutting!) that students have to do is sometimes even longer than the learning activity itself, when it comes to our youngest learners. So, while I have borrowed some ideas from the interactive notebook movement over the years (like having a scribbler for my students to use to glue certain activities into instead of using tricky duo-tangs for everything), I have mostly just been sighing with envy when I have seen intricate and beautiful interactive notebook products uploaded to TPT.

BUT, this year, I have finally sat down and figured out a way to make interactive notebooks happen in my classroom!

Yes, that's right - I have a solution that makes interactive notebooks a possibility in maternelle :)

French Close Reading with the book Trop de lapins

Happy Easter Monday! I hope that you enjoyed/are enjoying a fantastic holiday weekend with your family.

I am just popping in today to talk some more about Close Reading in French. You may remember that I posted about it a few years ago - HERE and HERE.

I have had soo many requests over the past year or two to create more resources for French Close Reading, but I've had such a hard time finding both enough time and the perfect books!

But, I am really excited to be here today to talk about some close reading activities that we did with one of my new favourite books - Trop de lapins (affiliate link) by Trace Moroney.

(PS - I got my copy of the book from Scholastic. It was the Offre spécial in the March 2018 catalogue)

First of all, in case you missed it before, what is close reading?

Close reading is what you are doing when you read a text or a book thoughtfully and critically. You focus on important details and patterns within the book, and develop a deep understanding of the book (what happened, how/why the book was crafted, the meaning of the book or certain passages, etc.).

It is reading to analyze and reading to understand!