6 Ways To Use Math Journals In Your French Primary Classroom


If you have been kicking around my blog for awhile, you know that I am a BIG fan of using math journals for spiral review.

If you are brand new to the party, you can read more about why math journals are so great and how I fit them into my math block here and here.

I use math journals in two ways - as a spiral review activity during our whole group math block, and as "exit tickets" to cap off our small group math lessons.

But, there are LOTS of other ways that you can use math journals, too!

Here are six of my favourite ways to incorporate math journals into your daily routine:

Looking for ways to add math journals to your daily routine in your French primary class, but don't have a lot of extra time? Check out this blog post for six ways you can add math journals to your day, en français!

Préparer plus de « Brag Tags » en moins de temps


Do you use brag tags in your classroom?

I do!

I love how I can use them to reward and reinforce sooo many amazing things my students do, from being great friends, to speaking French, to showing integrity, and persevering.

(If you aren't sure exactly what brag tags are, check out this blog post before continuing on with this one!)

Brag tags are hands down my FAVOURITE classroom management strategy so far.

Buuuuuut, they have one major drawback.

They take a lot of prep and can be pretty expensive to make!

In my experience, a lot of teachers want to try brag tags, but feel discouraged by all of the printing and laminating that is involved.

I print and prep mine over the summer, so that I am ready for the whole school year, but it can still be a pretty daunting task!

Today, I will be sharing a few tips with you that will hopefully make your brag tag prep quicker, easier, and more cost-effective.

Do you want to try brag tags in your French classroom, but are feeling overwhelmed by the cost and the prep time? Check out this blog post for tips on how to minimize the cost and preparation, and download a FREE set of French brag tags to try!


One Simple Routine that will make a BIG Difference During your Math Block


Well, la rentrée has passed, and we are getting settled into our new routines.

One thing that we started this past week is our math journal routine!

I have written about math journals before, in this blog post, where I explain the top five reasons why I think every French primary teacher should give them a go.

A few years ago, I would struggle with my students remembering what I had taught in previous math units. I would spend so much time creating fun, hands-on lessons, and my students would do really well and seem to have mastered whichever concept I was teaching at the time.

But then, time would pass, and a few months later, it was as if I had never taught them about that topic at all!

My students weren't retaining everything I was teaching them, because they were no longer using the information.

Our brains are wired for this - they will drop information that it deems "unimportant", in order to make room for new information.

Which can often be great and super helpful (there is really no need to remember what you ate for breakfast three weeks ago!). However, it's not helpful at ALL when we want our students to remember things like how to correctly identify and continue patterns, or name 3D shapes!

I like solving problems, so I did a bit of research, and discovered something called "spiral review" -which is basically a fancy term for reviewing what you have previously taught over and over, all throughout the year.

Math journals are an AMAZING tool for spiral review! You can read all the reasons why I think they are so great in my previous post.

But today, I want to focus on something that was key for me - they are QUICK!

I needed to build spiral review into my existing math block in a way that was simple, efficient, and effective. And our math journal routine is the perfect way for me to do it!

Even this past week (our first week of math journals), we got all the way through our routine in 10 minutes or less each day. We haven't really learned much yet, so we weren't actually doing a lot of reviewing, BUT we were setting ourselves up for future spiral review success :)

I wanted to take a few minutes to share our math journal routine with you, step by step, in case you are looking for a quick and effective way to add some spiral review to your day.

7 ressources GRATUITES pour l'automne


I don't know about you, but I have spent a bit more money than I wanted to on my classroom this back-to-school season. It's so hard to resist all of the cute stuff and quality resources!

I figured that now would be a great time to share some FREE resources with you, to help get you through until that credit card is all paid off ;)

Here are five of my favourite fall-themed French freebies!

Looking for some French freebies for fall in maternelle? Check out this blog post! Includes links to FREE math and literacy activities en français