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If you are looking to make magic happen in your French primary classroom, I can help!

Does this sound like you?
- I knew all along that teaching children a second language would be difficult, but had no idea just how overwhelming it could be
- I am frustrated because the same quality of resources that I see all over Pinterest and on teacher blogs aren't available in French, and I just don't have TIME to make them all myself!
- I want engaging, fun activities and ideas for my classroom - not just filler & fluff
- I need ideas on how to make our kindergarten day run more smoothly - centres, guided reading, math journals, ALL of that stuff
- I want to see stories and suggestions from a REAL French kindergarten classroom

Great news - if any or all of those apply, you are in the right place!

Teaching a second language is hard, but you're not alone - I got your back! My name is Andrea, and I give keen French kindergarten teachers the tools they need to make magic happen in their classrooms via quality resources and step-by-step suggestions that WORK! 

I have been teaching Kindergarten in a francophone school in rural Nova Scotia for the past five years. And don't be fooled - even though I'm technically at a francophone school, I am in a minority community, and French is a second language for the majority of my students (immersion teachers, I get you!). I started selling resources on Teachers Pay Teachers in December 2014, after being so frustrated only being able to find quality resources online in English. After pretty much buying out my local Staples' supply of white-out, I decided to learn how to make my own great stuff from scratch, rather than messily translating everything I could find. I am SO glad that I did - I love a challenge, and TPT has become one of my favourite creative outlets. I love the whole process of creating that perfect resource - from figuring out exactly what my students need in order to learn a certain skill or concept, down to choosing the ideal images and fonts.

Creating and selling resources to teachers also makes me feel like I am helping make other people's lives easier, which is right up my alley!! In my store, you will find resources on literacy/guided reading, math & math journals, and LOTS of games and literacy centres (after all, engagement is the name of the game!). Here on my blog, you will read about my real classroom with my real students and what our days really look like. I will share what I have learned after lots of trial and (LOTS of) error, and provide you with all kinds of doable, real-classroom suggestions that you can try out with your own students!

If you're ready to go explore what kinds of great resources I have in my TPT store, head on over and check it out! Oh, and you should also sign up for my newsletter - it will arrive in your inbox every month with the latest news, tips, sales announcements, and even the occasional exclusive freebie ;)

One more thing - I blog once a week, but if you want to see more frequent snippets and stories from my classroom (and everyday life/adventures!), head on over to Instagram and give me a follow!

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